Welcome to my online home, in which I talk about myself in the third-person in order to sound grand and important.

If you’re looking for my technical background, I suggest the Tech page.  On the other hand, my books can be found – perhaps unsurprisingly – at Books.

While I’m a whizz in the kitchen, specialising in authentic Italian cuisine, I’m not the famous TV chef.  If you’re looking for him, you want jamesmartinchef.co.uk.

If you’re interested in getting in touch, go ahead and email me at jm AT NOSPAMjamesmartin.name – simply replace AT with @ and remove NOSPAM and the spaces.

If you like the images that go with the two main pages, they’re both from Flickr.  The code image is by christiaancolen and the books image is by geishaboy500.


A Linux expert of some twenty years’ standing, James has experience of managing the full LAMP stack, administering mail, DNS and LDAP services as well as all the usual stuff you’d expect from an experienced Sys Admin, including working with the AWS cloud infrastructure. He’s got the security chops too with firewalling and server hardening …

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An author of science-fiction with a literary sensibility.  James’ debut novel, Shockwave is available in paperback and Kindle.  Meanwhile, the updated second edition is being presented to agents and publishers. Described as “JG Ballard meets Franz Kafka,” Shockwave is a chilling, dystopian view of the world and explores themes of loss and abandonment. A major disaster …

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